Sorter.AI - Market Intelligently Using Psychology

Increase purchasing & click through using neuromarketing.

Sorter looks for personality indicators in your marketing list, then uses psychology-based neuromarketing recommendations to help you increase sales. 

Sorter AI
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Market Intelligently Using Psychology

Every person in your audience is unique

• First, we sort your customers and prospects by behavior and buyer type.


• Next we predict how they are likely to make a buying decision.


• Then we help you develop creative, copy, cadences, and call to actions that resonate with each personality type.

Analyze your audience

Sorter crawls your audience data and analyzes it using insights from over 1 billion data points

Find personality traits

Using data science and machine learning, we find indicators of personality and decision making habits

Market more intelligently

Our patent pending solution recommends marketing actions that will speak to your customer's psychology

Sorter AI - Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is the next frontier of marketing

Neuromarketing combines neuroscience, psychology, and marketing to understand the subconscious cognitive and emotional elements that result in a buyer making a purchase decision.

We make that easy.

Sorter AI - Neuromarketing Made Easy

Easily speak to your customers the way their brains want

Sorter AI - Neuromarketing Made Easy

Here's what we're hearing

The Sorter team went above and beyond to analyze our top customer prospects, and refine our messaging resulting in a 35% increase in open rates.
Dodi Kawouk
CEO, Digital Compass
Taking the time to communicate the way that others like to be communicated shows that you are other-centered and care. Personality-informed selling is impactful.
Christian Ries
CEO, JonnyOnIt
We've been working with Sorter to update our marketing, and the implications for target segmentation plus inter-personal interaction guidance is massive.
Jim Berryhill
CEO, DecisionLink

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