Sorter - Neuromarketing

We analyze your audience at scale.

Sorter looks for personality indicators in your marketing list then sorts your list into four personality-based segments.


Next Sorter recommends actions for marketing to each of these segments using psychology.


The result is a more individualized and subconsciously beautiful experience for your customer.


And more conversions for you.


Market Intelligently Using Psychology

Connect your data

Securely connect your marketing list to Sorter through a simple file upload or through one of our CRM integrations.

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Then we analyze it

Sorter crawls through your database and begins building psychology based profiles on your audience.


Each of your customers progresses through the Sorter Data Pipeline where our internal system learns more about who your customer is, how they behave, and how they think.


We then compare your audience with insights derived from over 1 billion data points. 


We aggregate and reconcile all available data on each of your customers and use a blend of personality research models to make a prediction on how to market to them.

We sort your audience into the Sorter Segments


Sorter Segments - Movers

They’re goal oriented, decisive, and drive to the finish line. 


Sorter Segments - Motivators

They’re big picture visionaries who motivate others.


Sorter Segments - Collaborators

They bring harmony to their group, and love to hear testimonials.


Sorter Segments - Thinkers

They love to know the deep details and can seem skeptical.

You easily engage your audience around four core actions


Sorter Actions - Drive

Drive your customers toward a purchase.


Sorter Actions - Excite

Excite your customers about the big possibilities. 


Sorter Actions - Support

Support your customers in their buying decision. 


Sorter Actions - Teach

Teach your customers about what you do.

Sorter provides simple recommendations

Sorter AI - Neuromarketing Made Easy

So you can talk to your audience like individuals

Sorter AI - Neuromarketing Made Easy

We make neuromarketing easy to give you a competitive advantage

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